We’ve been so lucky to see new dancers coming through the doors based on your referrals and we want to thank you for keeping up the momentum. Since you’ve been spreading the word about your favorite dance studio, we are sharing the love and offering you even better rewards than before when your referral brings a new student to class.

Studio Referral Program

We love when you recommend the Sole Unique Dance Complex to your friends and families. For each NEW student that you refer to our studio, we’ll give you AND your friend $30 that can be put to use for any (or all), of your dance tuition!

The earnings don’t stop there.

Check this out; If you refer up to 5 new students during a term, your cumulative incentives could cover the cost of one, hour-long class for an entire 8 week term.

  • 1 New Student = $30 for you / $30 for your friend
  • 2 New Students = $60 for you / $30 for each of your friends
  • 3 New Students = $90 for you / $30 for each of your friends
  • 4 New Students = $120 for you / $30 for each of your friends
  • 5 New Students = $150 for you / $30 for each of your friends

This referral program is season-long.
Full rules and details at the bottom of this page.

Rules and Regulations

Year-long Studio Referral Program:

  • $30.00 credit awarded per-referral/per-registration.
  • Only referrals that convert to new, registered students referred by current customers/students will qualify for the program reward. (A new student would be considered one who has not previously been registered for a class or classes during the regular school-year and/or summer weekly term. Does not include Summer Intensive or Dance Adventure Camp.)
  • Your name must be entered on the “How Did You Hear About Us” or “Referred By” line of the new student’s registration form at the time of registration to qualify for program rewards.
  • If multiple names appear on a new customer’s “How Did You Hear About Us” or “Referred By” line of their registration form, only the first-listed name will qualify for the program reward.
  • If you have already registered and paid for your current term tuition prior to a confirmed referral, your SoleCash credits will be applied to your tuition for the upcoming term.
  • Award redemption applies only to dance class tuition and cannot be combined with any other offer or scholarship agreement. In no circumstance will cash/check be distributed to the referrer or new customer under the terms of this program.
  • Awards are non-transferrable.
  • Effective only upon new customer’s completed registration.
  • Both current customer and new customer will receive a confirmation email once the new customer completes registration.