Preferred Attire

For Your Best Experience

Form-fitting dance attire is recommended for most technique-based classes.

Contemporary, Jazz & Tap

  • Please wear comfortable dance attire that allow for unrestricted movement
  • Jazz shoes. (sneakers allowed for jazz funk).

Hip Hop

  • Comfortable/loose fitting apparel and clean-soled sneakers/tennis shoes. Street-shoes and boots are prohibited.
    • No jeans


  • Leotard, tights and optional skirt.
  • Ballet slippers and tap shoes.


  • Hair is to be secured away from the face and neck in a proper bun for female dancers. Male dancers with exceptionally long hair may use a neutral colored headband to secure their hair from the face and neck. Hair too short to secure into a bun should be secured back and away from the face and neck.
  • Bras and (most), undergarments should not be worn with ballet attire. If a dancers body type requires supportive attire, a tight-fitting support bra or camisole is acceptable.
  • A proper ballet skirt is optional. Shorts will not be allowed in ballet class. This will vary from instructor to instructor. Most will prefer a leotard and tights alone.
  • Tights that cover the entire foot inside the ballet slipper or point shoe must be worn in ballet class.
  • Ballet slippers and/or properly fitted pointe shoes are to be worn at all times unless the instructor asks one or all dancers to remove them for a specific demonstration. Laces are to be trimmed and neatly tucked into the ballet slipper.
  • Warm-ups can be worn throughout plié and tendu exercises at the barre when necessary. Dancers are expected to remove their warm up clothing immediately after the second exercise at the barre and should not be asked by the instructor to do so.
  • Earrings (small studs), are acceptable forms of jewelry for ballet class. Dancers must avoid jewelry that would otherwise be distracting to the instructor, classmates or would impair the clear view of the dancers body. It would be best to avoid large rings, hoop style or dangling earrings, bracelets, wristwatches and necklaces.