From the simplicity of fundamental motor skills to the grace and agility of contemporary ballet; the Sole Unique Dance Complex provides and assortment of movement classes catering, not only, to first time dancers, but up to adult and pre-professional and artists.

Ballet, Children’s Classes, Contemporary, Commercial & Classic Hip Hop, Improvisation, Modern & Classical Jazz techniques, Partnering & Tap Dance are just the tip of the iceberg. Be on the lookout for a few specialty classes and workshops with guest artists too!

Our faculty helps to guide dancers along multiple paths:

  • Children, teens and adults seeking a fun, high-energy extra-curricular physical activity to help develop the mind and body.
  • Young adults who strive to enhance their physical abilities to compliment their athletic activities.
  • Individuals who have a passionate relationship with dance artistry and have committed themselves to becoming professional performing artists.

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Revised 10/18/23

Fall/Winter 2023-24 : Aurora

Fall/Winter 2023-24 : Wheaton

Class Tuition Info. (Aurora)

Multi-Class Package


Ballet technique is a dancer’s key to excellence and is truly the alphabet to your dance vocabulary. Ballet classes are designed to develop the crucial foundation essential to every dancer’s individual growth, success and knowledge of their given body. In ballet, students will learn classical techniques based in Cecchetti while building strength, flexibility, style and grace. Students learn self-discipline, endurance, and how to guide their own perseverance. Advanced level dancers will have the opportunity to practice and perform pointework in class. Pointe options will be individually discussed between dancer and teacher.

Attire: Girls – Solid-Color Leotard, Pink Full length tights, and ballet slippers. Hair must be secured in a bun. Boys – Black or Grey tights/shorts, dance belt, ballet slippers and a solid colored tee shirt or leotard.

Requirements for pointe-work:

-In order to participate in pre-pointe, pre-pointe 1 and/or actively dance in ballet classes en pointe, dancers must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 additional ballet classes.

-Dancing en pointe in higher level ballet classes are by instructor approval only and with specific guidelines dictated by the instructor.

The Soleunique Dance Complex in Aurora, Illinois offers classes for children as young as age 18-months into early adulthood.

Tiny Soles Ages 18mos-2.5yrs

In this class, we will introduce the basic class structure inclusive of taking turns, waiting in line and putting into practice listening skills from both the instructor and the parent in a way  that is memorable and fun for both child and adult. All participants will learn introductory dance basics and vocabulary while getting a little exercise with new friends during this short, 45-minute class. This class is also a perfect transitional tool to prepare your child for his/her next stage of training in our SoleBabes 1 classes.

Sole Babes 1 Ages 3-4

This energetic 45 minute class combines ballet, tap and creative movement for your young dancer. These classes are engaging and geared towards the early learner. Sole Babes 1 will introduce the student to music, dance and spatial awareness. Age appropriate activities will focus on the basics of ballet and tap while also encouraging the students to make new friends, try their best and have fun. The use of props will encourage imagination and be a dynamic tool to make this first dance class a wonderful weekly event for your children. The instructors are experienced, patient and use positive reinforcement to promote a strong sense of accomplishment in your Sole Babe.

Sole Babes 2 Ages 5-6

This hour long class will incorporate tap, ballet and jazz for dancers age 5-6. The teachers will focus not only on teaching dance technique, but also instilling a sense of self-confidence in the students. Sole Babes 2 will continue to develop your child’s coordination while also reinforcing basic dance terminology. The use of props and age appropriate music will make Sole Babes 2 a high energy and fun class.

7-8 Combo Class

This class is geared towards fun! Our Sole Combo class builds on the fundamentals of dance and self-expression while keeping your child challenged and engaged. Tap, jazz and hip hop will be explored throughout the year. This class will continue to be age appropriate and nurture the young dancer.

Moms, Dads, Grandparents & Family; There’s a new spot on the dance floor for you and your teeny-tiny dancer! Starting in the summer of 2017, we introduce our newest class: Tiny Soles.

What better way to enhance the connection between you and your child but with the joy and freedom of dance? We welcome you and your teensy-weensy ones (ages 18mos – 2.5yrs), to come together for a special and unique experience designed to improve your child’s base motor skills and coordination while interactively focusing on the parent-child bond.

In this class we will introduce the basic class structure inclusive of taking turns, waiting in line and putting into practice listening skills from both the instructor and the parent in a way that is memorable and fun for both child and adult. All participants will learn introductory dance basics and vocabulary while getting a little exercise with your new friends during the short, 45-minute class. This class is also the perfect transitional tool to prepare for the next stage of training in our SoleBabes 1 classes.

What is the role of the adult? We encourage you to maintain a positive engagement with your child while providing assistance to him/her as they render new tasks and skills. The instructors and parents work together to stimulate and reaffirm direction-following, listening skills and re-direction when necessary. Of course, we understand that little ones can be a bit unpredictable at times. No one knows your child better than you – so if a moment arises that prompts a reset, please feel welcomed to take a short time outside of the classroom to regroup.

Contemporary, Sole Unique, Soleunique

Rooted heavily in ballet and modern techniques, contemporary has often been described as a melting-pot style. Every teacher will have his or her own signature approach while pulling from every possible form of dance as well as current trends in the dance community. Dancers will continue to hone their skills, maintain their technique and explore new and exciting avenues to express themselves whilst utilizing dance movement as a vessel to communicate. Attire: All dancers- Comfortable clothing. No Jeans

NOTE: Dancers must be enrolled in ballet in order to take contemporary classes.

Hip Hop Dance, Aurora, Soleunique

From party-grooves, funk-styles and social dances of historical hip hop culture to modern-day commercial hip hop and pop movement, these classes are fundamental to the development of well rounded dancer. Hip Hop has seen many forms since being coined a term in the mid 1970’s and the inception of the Universal Zulu Nation by one of its forefathers, Kevin “Afrikka Bambaataa” Donovan. The 4 core elements of Hip Hop culture are introduced; B-Boying/Breaking,  Emceeing/M.C. (rapping), DJing and Writing (graffiti), with a focus on the principles – Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun.

Dancers will be introduced to the some of the technical aspects and terminology of the dance and how they have become implemented into today’s commercial dance motifs.

Recommended attire: Comfortable/loose fitting apparel and clean-soled sneakers/tennis shoes. Street shoes and boots are prohibited.

Jazz, Dance, Classes, Aurora, IL, Soleunique

In this highly energetic and technique-driven style, dancers will have the opportunity to focus on building their strength and flexibility. They will fine tune their body lines, turns, leaps, performance qualities and so much more! Individual lessons will include classical techniques and how they are implemented in today’s, modern-aged style of jazz movement. The tone of each class is set by each instructors’ unique style and method of teaching. Attire; All dancers- No jeans. Please wear comfortable dance clothes that allows for easy movement  and jazz shoes. (sneakers allowed for Jazz Funk).

Technique, dance, classes, aurora, IL, Soleunique

Technique Classes: (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels) Fine tune your skills and reach your goals in this non-recital-performance class. Through the use of Ballet and Jazz based techniques, dancers will focus on (but are not limited to) placement, turns, jumps, strength, flexibility, and movement quality. These classes are a wonderful addition to any dancer’s training regimen. Attire: All dancers- comfortable dance clothing. Jazz or ballet shoes or Teacher preference. Refrain from baggy attire.

Improvisation and Tricks Class: (Intermediate and Advanced Levels) Improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement through guided exercises. Dancers will explore their creativity, environment and discover alternative approaches to the organic creation of movement. They will be encouraged to free themselves from habitual patterns in both thought and motion. Dancers will gain trust and confidence in themselves and each other with the introduction of creative partnering work, tricks and manipulation of body-weight. Attire: All dancers – comfortable clothing. No jeans

Conditioning Class: Conditioning Class will cross-train the dancer. There will be a focus on core strength, endurance, and injury prevention. Students can set personal goals each term and the instructor will personalize a program to help the dancer exceed their expectations.

Stretch and Strengthen: This class is designed to tone and lengthen dancers’ muscles in a fun, warm and welcoming environment. The class will include conditioning exercises to isolate individual muscle groups while improving upon attention to reflex and coordination. Teachers will incorporate static and dynamic stretches throughout the class and concludes with a full body cool down. Stretch and Strengthen is a guide to promote injury prevention and is an excellent supplement to each of our dance classes.

Tap, Dance, Class, Aurora, IL, Soleunique

A communal experience that sheds light on the ‘dancing’, heart & soul, and full-body engagement all while wearing tap shoes, our tap classes invite you into a space where rhythm, syncopation and articulation are explored and challenged. The faculty creates a supportive environment to build and expand on a tap foundation in technique, improvisation, choreography and team building.