We stand firm in our belief that early exposure to the arts is critical to the discovery and advancement of a child’s potential. The Soleunique Dance Complex has been established to further the physical, mental and artistic development of our community’s youth utilizing dance training as a direct-link of communication. Our organization is proudly equipped with a dynamic and well-experienced staff/faculty who are qualified to work with children as young as age 18 months upwards into early adulthood.

The founders of the Soleunique Dance Complex have been established in the local area and recognized nation-wide as artists, educators, dancers and directors for nearly two decades.

We are committed to providing a potpourri of dance classes and services for various ages and skill-levels from beginning to advanced/professional. Small and large group lessons will be offered ranging from basic motor skills development up to the advanced, technical elements of dance training and performance. The dance complex houses three, enhanced performance companies: Soleunique Dance Company and The SoleSquad.